Services and Pricing

Suite Pricing (per night)

Extra Large Dogs:$28.00
Large Dogs:$26.00
Small Dogs:$24.00
Unneutered Extra Large Dogs:$30.00
Unneutered Large Dogs:$28.00
Unneutered Small Dogs:$26.00
Administration of medication (per day)$1.00

A Half Day Charge Applies For Afternoon Collections Between 4pm & 6pm

Complimentary Bath (depending on size & breed) after two nights stay.

Prices are per night Including GST

Prices subject to change without notice


We feed high quality Royal Canin complete balanced diet for dogs and also cater to all individual diet requirements provided by the owner.

We give all medication as required and are happy to discuss any special requirement that your pet may have.

Open Daily

Strictly By Appointment

8am – 10am and 4pm – 6pm

Please note:
Gates & Buildings Are Locked Outside These Hours.


Full payment is required for early collection over holiday and school holiday periods. Like a Hotel, we are unable to rebook a space at short notice. We are happy to accept shorter bookings which can be extended via phone or email. We appreciate your understanding.

We will be closed TO THE PUBLIC from the 25th to the 29th December. Boarding facilities are operating during this time for your pets.