Booking Checklist for your furry one

​1. Book in advance – especially if you are planning to go away during public or school holidays.

2. Check that your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. For dogs we require they be current with the ‘5 in 1’ vaccine, and Bordetella (canine cough). If you are unsure of your pet’s current vaccination status, please check with your veterinarian. Vaccinations must be administered at least ten (10) days prior to boarding.

3. Please ensure your pet has been treated for internal and external parasites prior to boarding.

4. When making your booking, please let us know if your pet requires any special diet or medication.

5. When you bring your pet for his / her stay, you do not need to bring anything other than their vaccination booklet and any special dietary requirements or medication. We will provide all of the necessary ‘creature comforts’ nice supportive bedding with fluffy blankets, we do not accept any pets personal bedding & belongings as we cannot be responsible for any damage to these items.

6. You must bring your dog with a collar and on a lead. Please check in at reception before getting him / her out of your car.

7. For the safety of all our animals, it is extremely important that you bring your vehicle into the parking area and shut the gate behind you before unloading or loading your pet.

​8. There is absolutely ‘NO’ parking outside the property as this is a ‘Transit NZ’ requirement.

9. Finally… relax and enjoy your time away and remember, you are leaving your pet in the hands of capable professionals.